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As a seasoned public health practitioner and behavioral health leader, I know prevention works! Evidence-based strategies, targeted education and best practices are critical to addressing the American and worldwide suicide problem. Let’s work together!
Walker Tisdale
It’s my mission to use this platform to raise awareness and increase knowledge about suicide prevention, as well as HIV prevention. Together we can support our vulnerable brothers and sisters in crisis. Together we can remove the stigma that inhibits millions from seeking help.
Walker Tisdale
Suicide is preventable. Each of us can play a role in being a lifesaving resource for our peers, family members, colleagues and even strangers. Take every suicide threat seriously.
I have over 25 years of expertise in both HIV prevention and suicide prevention work. I am a clinically trained social worker. I’ve developed expertise in programmatic and community-level capacity building. I love to share what I know but I also love to learn from others. Please share with me and others here and on my Twitter.
Walker Tisdale
What do colleagues say about Walker

"Walker is a powerhouse in suicide prevention and public health leadership. His charismatic, professional, and humbling personality makes for positive engagement in behavioral health. It’s a pleasure to work along side Walker on large and small scale projects. I am grateful for his support and guidance, it’s an honor to call him a friend and colleague."


Teressa Ruspi
Executive Director
LRJ Foundation

"I have collaborated with Walker on a number of projects over several years and have always found him to be highly professional, personable, and a well-respected team member. He has a passion for his work and his enthusiasm for advancing our understanding of suicide is contagious. Walker has outstanding leadership qualities, strives for excellence in all that he undertakes, and working with him has always been a wonderful experience."


Dorian A. Lamis, PhD, ABPP
Assistant Professor
Emory University School of Medicine/Grady Health System

"Few individuals are fortunate enough to have the chance to work with an outstanding and passionate public healthcare professional such as Walker Tisdale. I had the pleasure of working with Walker for several years in the early 2000’s while at the Chicago Department of Public Health. During those years, I had the opportunity to observe his interpersonal style. Walker was knowledgeable, jovial, and a thoughtful leader who was always able to get the right people in the room at the right time to make the right decisions. Walker has continued to find ways to feed his passion and give back to the underprivileged, marginalized, and underserved populations. Simply put, Walker is a paradigm shifter who will continue to walk the unchartered path that leads to health equity for all."


Gwendolyn Oglesby-Odom
Chief Nursing Officer/Vice President
Advocate Aurora Health

"I have known Walker Tisdale for the past five (5) years as a colleague at the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities. As a trainer, lecturer and speaker, I have found Walker to possess an exceptional ability to connect with his audience. He combines knowledge, empathy and wit to his presentations. In my encounters with Walker, I have found him to be in full command of the subject matter, well prepared and exuberant in both his delivery and fondness for the material he presents. He is innovative and has always found ways to include his audience in the discussion. Walker is the consummate professional."


Mr. Michael Link
Former Georgia Colleague, State Government

"I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Walker Tisdale III at a Peer Conference a few years ago. He shared a great deal of helpful information about his role as the Director of the state’s Suicide Prevention Program. I quickly learned that he is very passionate, extremely knowledgeable, and committed to this great work of saving people’s lives. He is equally committed to expanding community based suicide prevention and postvention programs. He has these amazing leadership skills and a unique managerial ability to pull together professionals, paraprofessionals, and community leaders from various organizations to accomplish shared goals"


Dr. Lucy R. Cannon, LCSW CCDP-D, MATS
CEO of LEJ Behavioral Health Services, LLC

“When you work with Walker Tisdale, you are working with a winner! I have worked with him in several training settings that he organized and they are professionally managed. Additionally, in several statewide conferences he organized on Suicide Prevention and Aftercare, he offered great content and communicators as well as a very well organized conference.”


Robert Bell
Director of Community Supports
Georgia DBHDD

"Walker is an outstanding leader. He is inspiring and inclusive of the gifts and talents of others. Walker has such a gift with people and is able to consistently energize and support others in the work that they do in mental health and suicide prevention." He is sorely missed here in Georgia."


Marti Vogt
Georgia Suicide Prevention Coalition Leader
More than 25 Years and Still Going…

Official trainings implemented

Professionals trained and coached

States traveled for consultation

Continents traveled to date

Professional Experience You Can Trust…

Experience is a great teacher. You will find that I have expertise rooted in diverse professional and practical experiences. Contact me to discuss how my background may support your program or project.

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